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Job interviews: 5 ways to leave a good impression

Job interviews can be very daunting experiences, especially if you are pinning all your hopes on securing that position you have been hoping for. Here are 5 ways to give yourself the best possible chance of securing the job of your dreams:

Engage in conversation
At the end of the interview, make sure to continue the conversation, even if it happens to be small talk. Chat about your plans for the rest of the day, the weekend etc whilst making sure to ask the interviewer some simple and

Keep your chin up
Regardless of how the interview went, always radiate confidence and positivity. Make sure you maintain these characteristics until you leave the grounds as you never know who is watching!

Hold your tongue
When you have finished your interview, don’t be in a hurry to call your nearest and dearest straight away. Make sure that you are a safe distance away before you give your family the lowdown of how it went.

Ask for the next step
Asking tentative questions such as “When do you expect to make a decision on the vacancy?” Lets them know that you are serious about the position. Also, this eagerness will stay in the interviewers mind when decision time comes around.

Thank the receptionist or assistant
Interviewers may ask the receptionist for their first impressions of you so make sure to put your best foot forward from the word “Go”. The conversation needs to be upbeat and positive with the hidden message being “You need to hire me!”

Finally, remember to say “Thank You” to the receptionist, the assistant and the building security. After all, manners cost nothing.

Follow these 5 tips will give you the best possible chance of differentiating yourself from the competition. Best of luck!


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